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Katie Teague is the producer and director of the award winning film, Money and Life, in which she interviews Lynne Twist, David Korten, and many other prominent voices who encourage us to see money as a means, if it flows and moves, not as an end in itself.  We are built, says Teague, to pursue community and relationship, meaning and joy, and money is no certain guarantee of any of these and may disconnect us, alienate us from our fellows, and even destroy happiness.

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The existential crisis of our times is climate change and Ilana Solomon, of the Sierra Club, explains how the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is one of those measures that is likely to drive us over the cliff.

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Ending Extreme Inequality is the new book by Scott Myers-Lipton, offering a serious introduction to an Economic Bill of Rights guaranteeing to us all, as a constitutional matter, the rights to a decent job, a living wage, housing, education, health care and a safe and stable retirement. President Obama says that inequality is the defining issue of our times, Myers-Lipton has a practical vision to bring things right.

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