One half of one percent contributed 80% of all of the six billion dollars that was spent in 2012 elections.  Thirty two very rich people contributed more than the sum total of all the rest of those who contributed less than $200.  Jeff Clements, author of Corporations Are Not People, spells out the threat of big money to our shredded democracy.

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Eric Herm came home after years of travel and adventure, deciding to return to his family's fifth generation cotton farm.  One day he bought GMO seed and read the warnings never to touch his seed and then his mouth because the seed was infused with poison.  From that day on Herm has dedicated his farm and his life to non-GMO cotton production. 

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Cathie Sullivan was arrested for obstructing traffic in front of a Los Alamos nuclear facility.  Jeff Haas represented her in court. The two of them present the most cogent argument for citizen action and diligence in the effort to back down the embedded nuclear industry.

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No one understands the ins and outs of the filibuster better than Emmet Bondurant, lead counsel for Common Cause's lawsuit to have the filibuster declared unconstitutional.  Emmet discusses the issues in that lawsuit as well as the weak efforts at reform in this month's back door negotiations in the US Senate.  At stake is the principle of majority rule vs. minority tyranny.

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