"As Tea Party intractability not only takes the country toward the fiscal cliff but, even more seriously, promises long-term Congressional dysfunction, journalist Bill Stewart and ethics professor Buie Seawell weigh the consequences for constitutional government, for Barack Obama, and for US foreign policy."

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"When the US military support for the brutal regime of El Salvador failed to suppress popular movements, the international investment community moved to take over the country through programs of "privatization," the sale of national assets, water, utilities, etc., to global corporations.  Now the Obama Administration, in a bid to fend off invasion of Latin American markets by European and Chinese interests, furthers this privatization to the great detriment of the government and people of that country."

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Ellen Brown, author of The Web of Debt, explores the long history of the peoples' resistance to banking concentration and abuse, looking at who creates money, who owns the Federal Reserve Bank and how public banking could save governments millions and re-direct financing toward needed social programs that private banking overlooks.

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Grove Burnett discusses E.O. Wilson's The Social Conquest of Earth in which the famous evolutionary biologist discusses the genetic predisposition of humans toward altruism.

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Professor Hamid Dabashi, himself Iranian born, describes a combination of poetry and cruelty in Iranian history and the movement of Iran's culture toward a new  cosmopolitan future. Neither Iran, nor Islam, nor the region, nor the age, can be described with simplistic slogans of hatred or love, says Dabashi.

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